Chapter 9: Seven Gosling Eggs at Rest in Their Nest Tune: Jesus Loves Me
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Chapter 9: Seven Gosling Eggs at Rest in Their Nest Tune: Jesus Loves Me

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Heidi Hardin, Chapter 9: Seven Gosling Eggs at Rest in Their Nest Tune: Jesus Loves Me. Tempera on Paper with Mixed Media Collage, 24” x 18”

I write about my childhood memories like this:
I am looking for hidden objects in my world all the time, and: There She J.s, hiding behind several rows of cattails and tall grasses. I see her swallow as we make eye con­tact.
She projects to me, "Hello Heidi."
"Hello," I say.
"How are you today?" She asks me.
"Well, I am better now than I ever realized I could ever be," I say, thinking of the wonder of Mother Goose ap­pearing right before my very eyes.
She says, "I am not," meaning "I am not fine,"
"Why is that that you are not fine?" I ask with sweet and true concern.

Because she says, "You are he e to take my eggs."
"I am?"
"I didn't know that you have eggs."
"I do. That's what I'm doing here, hiding in the reeds. I
am covering my eggs.
"Oh really?" I say. "How wonderful! And you are afraid, fearful-because I am going to steal your eggs?"
"Yes Heidi," she says with exasperation and resigna­tion that tears my heart and chokes my throat shut so I cannot swallow.
"Is that true?" I ask, wondering how I could be a part of this sandy thought: When she said 'THAT-that I am going to stray (steal and stray) I hate myself.
"Yes Heidi, it's true," she says.
"I'm so very sorry,"
"I know Heidi. Please, just give me more time with my eggs, just give me one more minute with my eggs."
"Take as long as you want," I say knowing now that I will be back ... You will have to buy and read my memoir to know what happened to the seven gosling eggs, but the chapter with this title ends like this: 

Only I feel like I shall never be free of this transgression for I have stolen the lives of seven geese that never are to be. Toe Indian, the horse, and the jeweled blade always remember their life walk. The seven unborn geese do not because I took it, or they gave it to me to take. Their mother certainly did not. Toe gravity, the dark matter, and the dark energy that thieves live with are great...especially at age four. 


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